What is a Community Management Platform?

With powerful and integrated tools with different functions designed to effectively create and manage online communities, you can enable your community to grow and even brand it. Online community management software are tools that help you establish the relationship you want with your customer and meet all the activities you want to perform. Thanks to these softwares, you can listen to the thoughts, ideas and concerns of your members, and also enable them to communicate directly with each other and you. Let's take a look at the features of these software, which are equipped with different functions according to the purpose and nature of the managed community.

Let's take a look at the features of these software, which are equipped with different functions according to the purpose and nature of the managed community.


You can find a variety of software with very different services in the industry today. However, it is very important to pay attention to some of the widely accepted indispensable features. First, you should offer an internal system for employees to collaborate. You can centrally manage large communities with tools that provide engagement and satisfaction metrics and allow monitoring and management.

According to researches, 76% of communities manage to establish a strong bond with their community by asking questions, 68% offering solutions, and 65% connecting.

Apart from these, while brand-oriented communities look for different features to communicate with their customers, companies that need community management software for internal communication may prefer those that enable user groups, enable communication, and offer ratings and rankings. Communities whose priority is learning and sharing knowledge can provide transfer with software that encourages learning and offers gamification. You can find software in different formats to measure the company's KPI and analytics. Your priority here, of course, should be the goals of your brand.

Possibility to test the software in advance

If you can't decide which management tool is right for you, you can request demos of such community management software and examine its features in person. Is ease of use or powerful features your priority? Do you prefer software that is free or paid, but you can try different features without restrictions? You may not be able to answer all these questions for now.


Offering comprehensive solutions for developing communities, Octo provides an end-to-end secure experience with different infrastructure features that it offers both for educational institutions, public administration platforms and businesses. While strengthening member interaction with Octo, you can try group and one-to-one messaging features, and access your needs such as live video, surveys, events and performance evaluations through a single channel.

Cell phone, tablet or computer, it doesn't matter. Thanks to Octo, you can reach your members anytime, anywhere and on your preferred screen. If you want to have a mobile application for you, you can request a demo version from Octo and give yourself a chance to develop your community.