Organizational Communication - Private & Safe.

Octo is a suite of features that connects everyone in your network, giving governmental institutions simple, easy to use ways to share information with the right people at the right time.

Leverage a powerful network under one platform

Organize your management team

Effectively manage team leaders and control the performance of your management team with Octo. Provide the right tools for your management team to communicate internally with critical timing anytime, anywhere.

Enhance your everyday comms

Measure performance, see and evaluate all activities with Octo. Listen to your community and act accordingly. Manage and improve communication.

Support your community through conversation

Support diversity and inclusion

Allow greater community autonomy by enabling users to create multiple local groups at different locations.

Solve real life problems thru efficient communication

Octo ensures that all community issues are solved effectively and promotes secure, confidential, and regulated communication and collaboration among the users.

Make better decisions

Respond more directly to feedback

Allow community members to stay in touch collaboratively. Use surveys to learn what people think, keep track of information, and share ideas quickly and efficiently.

Make better decisions with a AI assisted administration dashboard

Use the machine-learned administration dashboard to deliver a personalized content experience that continuously improves.

Protecting data and respecting privacy

Data Security

Bringing your community onto Octo means you'll be joining, and creating, a community where security comes first. Our company and product adhere to the strictest security standards, which are continuously reviewed and improved.

Respecting Privacy

User data is stored in an isolated manner; thus, it is protected from any unauthorized access. In addition, the data is not used for any advertising activity or shared with third party software or other companies.

Our Clients

Public Admisinistration