Build a connected company

Octo is a suite of features that connects everyone in your company, giving you and everyone in your business simple, familiar ways to share information with the right people at the right time.

Engage teams & company culture

Employee engagement

Creating an active community among employees, vendors, partners, investors, board members, and using a common platform to express thoughts and submit proposals is the very essence of effective communication.

Company culture

Establish a better company culture with Octo by creating a community and celebrating the people who make up your company. Make leaders more visible and amplify company culture.

Work from anywhere

Octo lets you connect effortlessly with coworkers or partners, and keeps projects on track with mobile-friendly collaboration tools. Use Octo on desktop, tablets, and mobile phones. Work at anytime, anywhere.

Create a community through conversation

Support diversity and inclusion

Groups are great to gather people all around the globe who share a similar way of thinking. They can help raise awareness, promote resources, start conversations, and educate people across your organization.

Enhance your everyday comms

Octo makes it easy to speak to everybody in your company, from head office to the shop floor.

Engage you customers

Customer loyalty

Consider the value of establishing genuine and invaluable connections between users by identifying common areas of interest. This is what establishes sustainable relations with the brand.

Customer Support

Make sure your support team is aware of critical issues affecting customers and use insights to strengthen communication with customers. Take proactive action based on customer behavior to handle support queries more efficiently.

Protecting data and respecting privacy

Data Security

Bringing your company onto Octo means you'll be joining, and creating, a community where security comes first. Our company and product adhere to the strictest security standards, which are continuously reviewed and improved.

Respecting Privacy

User data is stored in an isolated manner; thus, it is protected from any unauthorized access. In addition, the data is not used for any advertising activity or shared with third party software or other companies.

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