Build your connected network

Octo is a suite of features that connects everyone in your network, giving governmental institutions and NGO's simple, easy to use ways to share information with the right people at the right time.

Leverage a powerful network under one platform

Control communication

Controlling all communication from a single panel means that the entire team can be supervised to achieve the best possible results in non-profit activities. Send notifications to all users attending events and notify them about recent events.

Enhance your everyday comms

Keep users in touch, whatever necessary, through machine-learned, and highly personalized daily activity feed. Create and make events visible to everyone. Send notifications motivate for participation.

Support your community through conversation

Motivate to participate

Use different types of content such as questions, polls, and articles to create discussions based on interests. Competitions and similar activities also encourage members to participate in activities.

Manage dues and donations easily from a single panel

Manage subscription payments through a single panel that integrates many payment applications. Notify users about payments and dues.

Make better decisions

Listen to what people have to say and take appropriate action

Competitions and brainstorming become possible by encouraging the community to comment freely through the daily flow wall. It allows like-minded members to meet and share innovative ideas with such an unlimited communication system.

Make better decisions with a AI assisted administration dashboard

By examining the AI analysis resulting from user activity on the dashboard, you can make more accurate decisions and interact with users in the most efficient way possible.

Protecting data and respecting privacy

Data Security

Bringing your community onto Octo means you'll be joining, and creating, a community where security comes first. We adhere to the strictest security standards, which are continuously reviewed and improved.

Respecting Privacy

User data is stored in an isolated manner; thus, it is protected from any unauthorized access. In addition, the data is not used for any advertising activity or shared with third party software or other companies.

Our Clients

Nonprofits & NGO's