5 Key Elements in Community Management

One of the first concepts that comes to mind when it comes to creating a team and ensuring communication and interaction between this team is community management. Community management is very effective for a team to have a good process within itself by being supported by more than one technique. As such, many companies try to examine the key elements for community management and take steps to use them internally.

You can find answers to the following questions in the article:

•What is community management?

•Why is community management so important?

•Should every company strive to improve on community management?

•What are the key elements in community management?

What is Community Management?

A group of people who come together to achieve a goal is called a community. The concept that expresses the system that enables this group to continue its activities and create value is community management. The parties active in community management are the leader and group members.

Many people can become leaders or members of the community, consciously or unconsciously. There are communities both at work and in volunteering. Community management is not a distant concept from this point of view.

Why is Community Management Important?

Discussing and trying to understand community management may raise a question mark on the importance of this concept in people. Community management, which refers to building, improving and organizing communication and interaction within a team; It is important because it creates a system by supporting it from different angles and is effective in creating value.

Failure to pay attention to community management can result in:

•Unwillingness of members to fulfill their duties

•Failure to perform the steps of maintaining a job regularly, being careless

•Forgetting the purpose, prioritizing interpersonal problems among members

•Lack of trust and loyalty to the leader

•Realization of off-topic conversations in meetings

•Disruption of integration processes of new members, prolongation of gettingused to the community

5 Key Elements in Community Management

It was mentioned what community management is, why it is important and what problems can arise if it is ignored. Now, the important elements for the realization of this method will be explained. In particular, these five key elements are at the forefront of community management:

1. Communication

It is possible to provide an efficient management system with a good communication platform in community management. There are multiple options among communication channels. When choosing the right channel, it's important to find a channel that will meet the community's needs. Through this channel; You can distribute tasks within the community, send announcements instantly, track completed tasks, and provide transparency for other members to be aware of each other.

2. Equality

Equal approach to every member in the community is very important in meetings and distribution of duties. To ensure this equality, you can try to give everyone the right to speak at the same time, and you can share the workload equally according to the job description of the members.

3. Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is a very important point in community management. This element, which erases the hierarchy between the leader and the member, will create an environment where everyone can give feedback to each other, and will provide an effective way for business to develop and progress. You can create spaces for feedback in meetings or communication channels.

4. Support

When you run a group, you must remember that you are working with people. The factor of being human indicates that different needs may come. It is equally important to understand the problem experienced by the member, as well as how you set up a support system and how this system will work. Making the member feel that you are willing to help and solve the problem by providing social support is an important element in terms of community management.

5. Resource Sharing

You may have set up a group for a job or for a different purpose. Identifying resources that will serve the purpose of this group, especially supporting them with websites or applications that they can use free of charge; will contributeto community development. With this element, you can take the progress and development of your community to a good point.