The Importance of being an Employer Brand

Employer Branding

Employer Branding is one of the issues that have come to the fore in the last 30 years in the field of human resources. The perspectives created in the context of preferred strategies in recruitment processes have played a big role in the further dissemination of the Employer Branding concept. We evaluate the concept that is important for the business world.

What is the Employer Branding?

Employer Branding was first used in 1996. Simon Barrow, the author of The Employer Brand, has defined this concept within the framework of the functionality, affordability, and psychological benefits provided by employees in employment processes.

Employer Branding, which is also considered part of the company's reason for existence, does not has a one-way process. There is an exchange where not only the employee contributes to the employer, but also the employer contributes to the employee.

In the business world, 'Being an Employer Branding' is always considered important. Moreover, it has been one of the issues in terms of creating a company culture. In this context, it is necessary to take firm steps towards becoming an ‘Employer Branding’ for every brand that aims to capture institutionality, sustainability, and add value.

The Importance of Being an Employer Brand

Every company has a reputation. It is possible to mention many elements that make up a reputation. However, social perception is considered to be one of the most important factors in shaping reputation. The value of the brand increases with the reputation created thanks to the perception created in society within the framework of emotional or intellectual approaches.

Evaluation of the brand in front of employee sand employee candidates reveals evaluations in the context of the ‘Employer Branding’. This issue, which is valuable from the point of view of current employees, as well as past and future employees, plays a big role in managing perception.

Social perception is valuable for companies to find customers. However, being an 'Employer Brand' plays a very serious role in the discovery of personnel who will add value to the company. Because the personnel selection and recruitment processes are very painful. In this case, the positive change in employee perception facilitates painful processes. Thus, it is possible to reduce the costs for the employment of personnel.

The Benefits of Being an Employer Brand

Moving your company to the best position in terms of personnel provides gains beyond being at the forefront of the sector. The Employer Branding approach, which will allow you to get a qualified workforce in the shortest possible time, also has a lot of value in terms of creating a corporate culture. According to the opinions of the most competent Human Resources professionals in the world about recruitment, the benefits ofbeing an ‘Employer Brand’ from both a material and a reputational point of view are great.

It is aimed to become an Employer Branding to facilitate recruitment processes, increase the desire of qualified personnel to work in the company, adopt a functional approach, maintain investments more healthily, and much more.

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