Manage Your Community: What is Octo?

People, brands or platforms. Almost the whole world is after a productive and sustainable community. These communities have many corporate or personal uses, from brands that want to connect with their target audience to an effort to stay in active communication. Now imagine a space where people come together for common purposes. Don't you want to establish sustainable and correct relationships in the digital age where face-to-face communication is becoming increasingly difficult? Then meet Octo, which is designed for you to easily manage your audience and provides comprehensive solutions for thriving communities.

What is Octo?

Octo, which adopts the motto of "Your Brand, Your Application, Your Platform", is an artificial intelligence supported community management platform that allows you to collaborate and interact with your target audience thanks to its powerful tools. Moreover, it offers you a powerful activity flow from wherever you are with tools and applications that are integrated into the platform and are constantly updated. By connecting communities in a safe and comfortable environment, it also helps its members ask questions, initiate discussions and get the most accurate answers from competent people.

One of the main purposes of community management platforms is performance analysis. With Octo, you can easily monitor the performance analysis of your community, like all the other things you need, under one roof with a cloud-based technology. Thus, you can transform and measure the value of your community into tangible data.

Octo is also a system that comprehends the sociological infrastructure in human nature and approaches the spirit of communities with empathy. This is exactly why it offers a personalized content experience based on the level of interaction and interests of its users. Although it is powered by personalization for better decisions, it also offers a number of features that are based on strengthening ties and aiming to improve routine communications.

What solution does Octo offer you?

If you are a business;

Your goal may be to bring your employees and stakeholders together under the right company culture. If you need powerful tools to do this in simple and familiar ways, you may need a custom app. Octo aims to make your in-house communications effective with the solutions it offers for businesses. It also allows all stakeholders to be informed about developments quickly and to manage projects faster and more effectively.

If you are an educational institution;

Octo allows you to connect your students and graduates, bringing everyone in your ecosystem together on a single platform. Thus, teachers, parents, graduates and school management can share their needs and wishes. Octo's powerful tools aim to maximize efficiency by facilitating learning, communication and management processes to develop a high-level understanding of education.

If you are a public institution;

Reaching the right information at the right time and sharing it with the right people can be your main goal. With Octo, which produces solutions for you in business processes that require scheduling, thanks to its system that brings distances closer, you can communicate with anyone in your network at any time and from anywhere.

If you are an association or NGO;

You can collect your dues and donations under a single roof and easily manage your subscriptions. With Octo, where you can integrate different payment applications, you can instantly access the necessary fast solutions for your community.

So Why Octo?

Easy to configure, private and secure.

When it comes to your personal data, you may feel uneasy with the developments in the world; You may slow down your business due to concerns about data privacy and security vulnerability. Well, imagine a system where you are the only one in control of your data. Wouldn't you like to try a platform that offers an encrypted protection service without any exceptions? We can answer you with this question in response to the question "Why Octo?" Because Octo offers its users a reliable and scalable processing capacity, and only those you authorize can manage it.

However, it does not neglect to combine the secure environment it provides with your favorite applications. It can connect more than 200 popular applications you need to your application very simply. In short, with Octo, community management can become easier and safer than you ever expected.