Who can use Octo?

Companies, public institutions, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations can have a private social network with Octo.


Octo connects all stakeholders in your company. It offers powerful tools, which provides simple and familiar ways to share information with the right people at the right time. With Octo, you can bring your customers together on your own platform and enable them to communicate with each other, by increasing your customers' loyalty to your brand. You can create a powerful platform for customer support and provide tools for your customers to help each other. You can increase your productivity by enabling your in-house teams to work from anywhere, at any time. While facilitating your internal communication, you can strengthen your corporate culture and also increase your employee’s loyalty.

Public Institutions:

Offer everyone in your organization powerful tools to share the right information, at the right time, with the right people. If you want, you can keep your data on your own server on your premises. With Octo, you can effectively manage your team leaders and senior executives and maximize your team's performance. By establishing special groups, collect your users under differentiated headings such as location, interest, and knowledge levels, and ensure a more controlled and smooth information exchange.

Educational Institutions:

With Octo, you can manage your educational institution's needs; such as registration, consultancy, participation and fundraising on one single platform; Providing powerful tools to shape career goals by connecting students and graduates.

Nonprofits & N.G.O’s

Connect everyone in your network with Octo. You can start discussions and organize different events for your members according to their interests. You can increase active participation by creating surveys, asking questions, and sharing articles from different sources. Through a single panel, you can collect your monthly or annual subscription payments and increase the financial strength of your organization.

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Getting Started

Need more help or want to report a bug? Contact support

Need more help or want to report a bug? Contact support